- Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique

Physical therapists and Alexander Technique teachers both work with people who have posture and movement dysfunctions. Physical therapists treat their patients within a medical model while Alexander Technique practitioners regard themselves as teachers and work within an educational model. The two fields have many intertwining interests and concerns. Unfortunately, there has been little information regarding the Alexander Technique available for people in the physical therapy community.

This is beginning to change. As John Macy, PT, says,

"Twenty five years ago, when I started in this field, very few therapists I met had heard of the Alexander Technique. Today therapists often say, 'I've heard of it, but I don't really know anything about it.'"

Here's an interview from BodyLearning, the Alexander Technique Podcast with long-time Physical Therapist Judith Stern, PT about Physical Therapy and the Alexander Technique:

Awareness of the Alexander Technique in the physical therapy community has been increasing a good deal lately, particularly since a comprehensive study published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 clearly shows that lessons in the Alexander Technique are effective in alleviating backpain.

This page is designed to help bridge the knowledge gap between the two fields. It is a forum for articles and other sources of information regarding the Alexander Technique written mainly by or for physical therapists and other medical professionals. (If you would like to contribute to this page, send us a note at this Email Contact.)

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Alexander Technique Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada
with Robert Rickover

Robert Rickover is Robert Rickover is a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Lincoln, Nebraska. He also teaches regularly in Toronto, Canada. He is also available for Online Posture and Movement Coaching

Robert has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 30 years. He trained at the School of Alexander Studies in London and studied extensively with the late Marjorie Barstow and assisted her in teaching workshops in Lincoln.

Robert is on the faculty of the annual Nebraska Wesleyan University High School Solo Singer Workshop. He is the Director of Alexander Technique Workshops - Bring a Workshop to Your Area

He hosts the Alexander Technique Podcast and is the creator of Body Learning Blog and several other websites devoted to the Alexander Technique.

Robert is the owner of Alexander Technique Website Hosting - a service for Alexander Technique teachers. He is the developer of Up With GravitySM - a way to harness the power of gravity to release tension and lighten up.

Arrange a lesson or workshop with Robert.

Care for your Parents, Care for Yourself Coaching
with Anne Rickover

Are you facing challenges with your elderly parents?

If you spend any time assisting your aging parents, you know it’s a labor of love, but it can also be very stressful. Determining your parents’ changing needs and finding ways to meet them is a big job.
Would you like someone to help clarify where you want to go and how to get there?

It’s normal to feel caring, confused, and conflicted

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